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Blenheim Repair Café

Nativity Church Blenheim

John’s Kitchen, 2 Redwood St, 7201 Blenheim

Fourth Saturday of the month, 9am - 12pm

Blenheim Repair Café

Kia ora!

The Marlborough community faces a challenge to deal with waste in ways that reduce what we send to landfill and protects the environment for future generations. It is predicted that Marlborough’s current landfill facility will be full by 2047 and it is imperative we find a way to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose now.

Repair Café Blenheim is a community initiative, repairing your items so that you don’t have to throw them out!

Have you got an item that needs repairing? Let our community experts help you to diagnose and repair the issue! We can help you to repair your appliances, bikes, electronics, mobile phones and clothing. We simply ask for a koha donation, thank you.

Watch: Navitity Church Blenheim Repair Cafe Official Opening

Stuff: Blenheim's Repair Café opens offering help with wiring over coffee

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