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#RepairEverywhere Video!

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Repair Café Aotearoa NZ and our local Repair Cafés are SO excited to be involved in The Restart Project's "Repair Everywhere" video!

What is Repair Everywhere all about? Via Restart Project:

"This year for the sixth annual Repair Day, we want to show the world that you can find Repair Everywhere. In the world we live today, repair is often not at the forefront of people’s minds. Instead, we are encouraged to just replace our things when they break. Not only can this be an expensive solution at a time when many people do not have money to spare, this way of thinking is also incredibly harmful to the planet.

We want to make repair so visible that it will become everyone’s first port of call when something breaks. We’re asking novices to try out new fixing or maintenance techniques, fixers will showcase their favourite repairs, and we’ll celebrate the brilliant community repair groups and businesses that are at the heart of our movement. And we want everyone to share their fixes on social media so that as we approach 15th October, repair really will be everywhere.

Get involved! Try a bit of maintenance or fixing, and share what you did. Don’t forget to use the tags #RepairEverywhere and #RepairDay so we can share your stories."

To celebrate Repair Day, we wanted to show that repair is everywhere. Whether by a camp fire in Germany, up a tree in New Zealand, or on a pier in Copenhagen, our community is fixing all across the globe! 🌍🌎🌏 We challenge you to try a fix in an unusual place and share it using #repaireverywhere. Get involved on 15th October and show your love for repair! 💚

Visit the Restart Project website for inspiration for how YOU can #RepairEverywhere this International Repair Day, and TAG @repaircafenz @Repair Café Aotearoa NZ so we can celebrate this International Repair Day with you!

Want to celebrate International Repair Day with all of the Kiwi Repair Community? Repair Café Aotearoa NZ’s annual online event is this Saturday 15 October 2022, 10am - 1pm! Get your ticket to “The Repair Show” HERE!

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