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Should Repair Café volunteers be paid for their efforts?

Adding a Repair Café Aotearoa NZ perspective to a Repair Café International conversation- Should Repair Café volunteers be paid for their efforts?

We are pleased to be featured in a multi- national conversation about the question of compensating Repair Café volunteers, in this op-ed article published on the Repair Café International blog page!

RCANZ co-founder Brigitte Sistig gives her views alongside Guido Verbist, founder of the first Repair Café in Australia. “Creating a culture and economy that is based on sharing, reusing, repairing and refurbishing of re-integratable materials is the future”, says Brigitte. Guido is convinced that Repair Cafés can be a central part of the circular economy. “There will be a need for Repair Cafés to be open daily, not just e.g. once per month. But that will only be possible when a sustainable financing model has been established.”

At Repair Café Aotearoa, we are looking forward to learning from this global conversation- and using global wisdom to guide us in conversations about the future of Repair Cafés in Aotearoa. What are YOUR thoughts on the topic of compensating Repair Café volunteers or coordinators? Let us know in the comments below!

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