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International Repair Day

International Repair Day is a global, annual event celebrated on the Third Saturday in October. It is an opportunity for communities to come together - local, national and international - to raise awareness about the benefits of repair, and to repair together. Repair Café Aotearoa launched on the 5th International Repair Day, on 16 October 2021. We hold an online event each year on this date to highlight awesome members of our Repair Community, learn about advancements in the Right to Repair Movement, and learn some repair skills along the way. 

International Repair Day 2022

  • Repair Cafe Aotearoa NZ held our online event: “The Repair Show”, with over 100 registrations once again

  • We launched the Repair Cafe Aotearoa NZ Song, created by Baz Caitcheon and featuring over — local Repair Cafes! 

  • There were 7 Repair Cafes held throughout the motu, from North Auckland to Queenstown - including 2 Repair Cafes who livestreamed their event during “The Repair Show”

  • Our Repair Cafes and volunteers participated in the global #RepairEverywhere video created by The Restart Project

The Repair Show
#Repair Everywhere
The Repair Café Aotearoa NZ Song
Wellington RepairED: International Repair Day
Ngaio Repair Café: International Repair Day

International Repair Day 2021

  • Repair Café Aotearoa NZ held our first online event for International Repair Day, our official launch! This event saw 100/100 tickets RSVPed and featured videos, presentations and live repair from many partner and supporting organisations and repairers, including Para Kore, The Zero Waste Network, The Rubbish Trip and —-. 

  • We launched the Repair Café Map hosted by Environment Hubs Aotearoa

  • We also joined the International Repair Community on the Open Repair Map for International Repair Day events

  • 3 Repair Cafes were held on this day, with a further 6 planned, but disrupted by COVID19

International Repair Day 2021
RC Map on EHA Website
International Repair Day 2021 Map
Nelson Repair Café: International Repair Day 2021
Wellington RepairED: International Repair Day 2021
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